Worst Money-Borrowing Mistakes You Can Make

January 05, 2018
It can take time to recover from a financial mistake. Of course, everyone makes mistakes once in a while. The key is to avoid them as much as possible and to know how to recover after you make a mistake.
Worst Money-Borrowing Mistakes You Can Make

What mistakes should you try to avoid when borrowing money? It depends on your financial situation, but the following mistakes should definitely be on your radar.

Missing multiple payments

This is the single biggest mistake that people make. Making late payments on a credit card does two things. First of all, it exposes you to late fees. If you are repeatedly late, these fees can add up and cause significant problems for your general financial health. Secondly, late payments can lower your credit score. This could mean that you will have to deal with higher interest rates and you may not even qualify for loans in the future.

But how can you make payments on time? The key to only borrow the amount that you need, and then get terms that include monthly payments that you can manage. If you currently have a loan or credit card debt with monthly payments that are too high, consider transferring the loan to another lender or get an online personal loan to pay off the balance. If you get an online personal loan, you may be left with more manageable monthly payments.

Borrowing more than you need

This is a problem with personal loans from banks. Perhaps the bank will offer you a good interest rate, but they will make you borrow a high minimum amount. You should not borrow $2,000 when you only need $200. If you only need $200 or $500 or some other “three-figure” amount, your best choice will almost always be an online personal loan. These loans are designed for people who need to borrow less than the bank loan minimum.

Luckily, online personal loans are easier to apply for than bank loans. You generally only need a bank account statement and pay stub, and you do not usually have to undergo a complete credit check. The application process will take a day at most, and will often take only a few hours.

Not thinking about your credit card report

Loans are available for people in every credit score category. No matter what your credit history is, you will always have at least one or two options for borrowing money. However, your choices will be more limited and your interest rates higher if you have a poor credit score.

You might want to consider working on your credit score as a separate financial task. Yes, you might need to borrow money. As long as you make the minimum payments each month, you should not adversely affect your credit score. You can then build your credit score by making a few purchases with your credit card and then paying them off as soon as you make them. This activity will get reported to the credit bureau, and it will help your credit score in the future.