Winning Attitudes When It Comes to Money

July 11, 2019
Ever wonder why it seems as if the rich keep getting richer, or why certain people seem to come into money effortlessly? Is it possible that certain people have a different kind of attitude that attracts money? Well, it is, sort of.
Winning Attitudes When It Comes to Money

Our attitude about life in general and the way we consider money can influence how we behave around money. This, in turn, can have a positive or negative impact on your financial situation.

Many studies have shown that wealthy people have certain habits and personality traits in common. Here is a list of 5 behaviors that most rich people have been found to have, and that we might do well to imitate:

They Are Optimistic

Rather than play the victim and take on a helpless attitude about life in general, rich people are generally go-getters, and they are usually confident about the results of their actions.

It could be argued that it is easy to be optimistic when you have all the money you want. But the truth of the matter is that most wealthy people did not inherit their fortunes. Rather, the majority have worked hard to get where they are. Thus, being upbeat seems to be just how they were in the first place. 

They Are Goal-Oriented and Disciplined

Rich people set goals for themselves, and then they work relentlessly to achieve them.  According to Tom Corley, author of Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals, one habit that at least 70% of rich people have is that every year, they set at least one major goal for themselves.

But they don’t stop there. Once they have reached their objectives, they work hard to keep what they have gained and strive to develop new strategies to make their wealth grow.

They Educate Themselves

Interestingly, most rich people waste very little time watching television or idly surfing the web. Instead, they spend quite a bit of their free time reading to further educate themselves, thus contributing to furthering their advancement in life.

They Save Money

Society’s wealthiest have learned to pay themselves first. This means that they make setting money aside for retirement a priority. Wealthy people also tend to spend less than they can afford to, living well within their means. 

Tend to Give Back

Many of the worlds wealthiest people are philanthropists, that is, they use a part of their wealth to help others out. A vast majority of them also do volunteer work. The reasons that motivate these actions are not exactly clear cut, but one thing is for sure, doing good to others is a positive habit that benefits both the one who gives and the one who is on the receiving end.

No doubt you have noticed that all 5 of these habits that rich people have can easily be put into practice by anyone, no matter what their financial situation is. Why not see how you can start improving your life by working on any one of the areas mentioned above? Who knows, maybe changing the way you think about money and adopting better habits just might open the door to a better financial situation for you.