What To Do When You Have No Money To Pay The Vet

December 11, 2018
Your beloved pet is sick, and you brought him to the vet. The diagnostic is not good. He needs surgery. It will be expensive. Money is scarce, and you do not know how you will be able to pay for it. What are your options in a situation like this? Here are a few that you will find interesting.
What To Do When You Have No Money To Pay The Vet

Emergency Fund

In the best of worlds, you saved up for an emergency fund. If that is your case, now is the time to dip into it.


There exists insurance for pet care. If you have one, it is time to cash in. The thing with pet insurance is that it can be expensive. If you cannot afford one, the best thing is to put money aside every month for pet emergencies.

Vet Financing Plan

Although not all veterinaries offer this service, some have financing plans. That way, you can pay for the surgery or treatment over a specified period.

Vet School

Look for veterinary schools. The students need practice, and they charge a lot less than a clinic. No need to worry, the surgery is performed by certified surgery professors and experienced clinicians. Residents, interns and health technicians assist them.

Loan From Family Or Friends

You can ask a friend or a family member for a loan. Write down your agreement and have both parties sign it. It is a form of security for both you and the person loaning you the money and it shows that you are serious about repaying the loan. Honour the payment schedule that you agreed on. It is essential if you want to keep a good relationship with your friend or family member.

Online Personal Loan

An online personal loan is a good option, especially when you have bad credit. These companies have higher interest rates than traditional banks, but they do not check your credit score. The amounts that you can borrow are smaller than the minimum loans with banks. You only need a steady job and the means to repay the loan. Payments are spread over three or four months depending on the amount you borrow.

Get A Second Opinion

Look around for a less expensive veterinary. Some smaller clinics will charge you half the price than more prominent clinics. Ask your friends and family about the vet clinics they go to and their prices.

Sacrifice Something

Analyze your expenses to see if there is something you can temporarily do without to have the means to pay for your pet’s surgery. Do you go to the coffee shop every morning? You could make your coffee at home before leaving for work and save at least sixty dollars if not more in a month.


As a last resort, there are foundations for pets in need of special care with masters that cannot afford the bills associated with it. You have to apply for the funds, and you do not get automatically accepted. It is for exceptional cases.

What are you willing to do to save your furry friend? Look at your options and decide on the best course of action for your situation.