Twelve Fun Inexpensive Date Ideas

April 26, 2019
Going on a date gives you the occasion to spend quality time with someone special, and get to know them better. Even if you’re on a tight budget, there are tons of fun activities you can do with your significant other that are free or cost next to nothing. Here are a few ideas to inspire you.
Twelve Fun Inexpensive Date Ideas

Romantic Walk

A romantic walk with your date is always a winner. You get to talk while exploring your town. Bring your date to special spots around town that you like. Buy some food from street vendors and go eat at the park.


Hike up a mountain, bring a picnic and eat at the top. You’ll see beautiful scenery and will have plenty of time to talk together and relax.

Free Street Concerts

Some towns have free street concerts in summer. Bring your significant other and discover new bands.


Many festivals grant free access to their sites. Spend the day, walk around and see free shows.

Ice Skating

Nothing is more romantic than bringing your date ice skating outside on a winter evening. Most municipalities have a skating rink or a skating path, which is perfect for the occasion.

Go to the Beach

In summer, pack a picnic and spend a day at the beach. Go swimming, bask in the sun, play beach volleyball. At the end of the day, you’ll be tanned and happy.

Go on a Nowhere

Get in the car and drive. Explore nooks and crannies you’ve never seen. Get lost together. It will be an adventure. You’ll discover new places and will have plenty of time to talk and get to know each other.

Game Night

Have a board game night. You don’t have any board games? Borrow some from your local library. Invite a few friends over, put chips and beer on the table and you’re up for a fun night.

Movie Night

Have a movie night at home with Netflix. Each of you can take turns picking the movie. You can also go to a drive-in. They are less expensive than movie theatres, and you can bring your own snacks.

Candlelight Dinner

Bring out your cookbooks and whip up a romantic dinner for your date. Light some candles, and put on romantic music. Your significant other will love the ambiance and appreciate the effort you put in preparing the meal.


Make a campfire, roast some marshmallow and make some s’mores. Nothing beats snuggling up by a fire.

Visit Local Places

Every region has its set of original activities. Honey houses, lavender farms, and vineyards are all places you can visit at little cost. Some are even free during certain periods of the year.

Special Occasions

Are you planning a date for a special occasion like an engagement or anniversary? Do you need some extra money to buy a ring or make reservations at a fancy restaurant? You might want to save up in advance for these occasions. If you can’t, then a credit card or online loan can help out. Keep in mind that both options come with high interest rates, so you want to repay them as fast as you can.

Be Creative

Finding fun and inexpensive date ideas is easy. You just need to be creative. An original date makes for fun and exciting adventures that you will still talk about in the years to come.