Save Hundreds on Gas

March 19, 2020
It’s very probable that, like most Canadians, you are looking for ways to save on the cost of running your vehicle.
Save Hundreds on Gas

Here are 6 tips to help you start saving money the very next time you use your car:

Watch Your Style

Your driving style, that is. Did you know that people who drive fast and aggressively use up much more fuel than smoother, calmer drivers?  How much more? Well, according to the CAA, in an article entitled “Save Money on Gas”, something as simple as sudden accelerations and abrupt braking can cost you as much as 39% more fuel. So being mindful of the way you drive might just be the number one way for you to save a lot of money on gas.

Use an App 

Yes, there’s an app for that. Actually, there are quite a few apps and websites out there that can help you find gas stations in your area that offer the lowest prices on any given day. Best of all, most of these apps are free.

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute to Refuel

Want to have the leisure of shopping around to find the least expensive gas station? Then don’t wait until the last minute to refuel. Besides, habitually running around on a nearly empty gas tank could eventually be harmful to your car’s fuel pump system, and you don’t want that. For this reason, some experts suggest keeping your gas tank filled at least one-quarter of the way, at all times.

Avoid Idling

Avoid idling your vehicle. Not only does it cost you more, but it also creates harmful gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect and, in turn, to climate change. An article published by Natural Resources Canada, entitled “Idling Wastes Fuel and Money” states that “for the average vehicle with a 3-litre engine, every 10 minutes of idling costs 300 millilitres (…) in wasted fuel – and one half of a litre (…) if your vehicle has a 5-litre engine.” Even in winter, most experts recommend heating your car no longer than 30 seconds to one minute at the most, before driving off. Warming up your car for a longer period is not only unnecessary, but it is costly and harmful to the environment. 

Use Air Conditioning Wisely

According to the CAA, in the previously cited article, using your automobile’s air conditioning can raise your fuel consumption by up to 20%, depending on the circumstances. So, if your goal is to save money on gas, you’d best use your air conditioning sparingly.

Proper Maintenance

Follow an adequate car maintenance schedule. Things such as improper tire pressure, old oil and dirty air filters, for instance, can all have a significant effect on your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. 

Yes, gas prices are ever on the rise. But by applying the tips mentioned above, you will no doubt manage to counter at least some of the effects of this inflation. And if you start now, who knows? By this time next year, you might even have saved several hundred dollars that you usually would have spent on gas money.

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