Paying for Eyeglasses When You Have No Money

January 24, 2019
Having good eyesight is a precious gift. Sadly, keeping your eyes healthy is often be neglected by lack of funds. Here is a quick view of what you can do to maintain healthy eyes, even with limited funds.
Paying for Eyeglasses When You Have No Money

Prevention Is the Best Policy

Seldom will you consult an optometrist as often as you should. Like most people, you probably call your eye doctor when you see a change in your vision, or need a new pair of eye contacts.

Optometrists recommend that infants should have their first eye exam between the age of six and nine months. Children from two to five years should have at least one eye exam during that period. Once they start school, it should be yearly. An adult should consult every two years, and senior citizens every year.

Is that too much too often? Many eye conditions do not show any symptoms until it becomes difficult or even impossible to treat. From there the importance to get your eyes checked regularly.

On a day-to-day level, you can do simple things to protect your eyes like wearing sunglasses when it is sunny. When watching television, sit at a distance of at least five times the width of your screen and wear protective eyewear when doing heavy work.

What is Covered

In most Canadian provinces, eye exams for children and senior citizens are covered by the provincial government. That leaves the rest of the population, aged between 18 and 64, to fend for themselves. What are their options to get proper eye exams?


A regular eye exam usually costs about $75. In an ideal world, you would have some savings that could be put to good use, and could also cover the cost of glasses if need be. However, what can you do if you do not have that money?

Think about getting a loan, a credit card or a line of credit. First, check with your bank to see what type of credit would be best suited for you. What if your bank refuses to lend you money because of a poor credit score? Check with family and friends if someone is willing to help out by lending you the amount needed. If that is not an option, an online loan could be your only solution. They do not care about your credit score, only that you have a steady job and can repay the loan. You will pay high interest, but it might be worth it considering that your eyesight is in play.

Where to Shop

The diagnosis is in, and you need glasses. Your optometrist has some beautiful models, but they are too expensive. What can you do? First, ask your eye doctor for your prescription. Many online stores sell glasses at a fraction of the price, like On these websites, you can find a basic pair of glasses for as low as $49.

Remember, prevention is the best policy, but when the need arises, some shopping around and a little ingenuity can get you a long way.