Nine Money Saving Tips That You Can Start Right Now

December 24, 2017
Saving money often involves discipline. You have to give up something in order to save. Yes, perhaps cutting back on the weekend trips to the restaurant or bar and limiting your shopping excursions could save money, but these are not the only ways to save.
Nine Money Saving Tips That You Can Start Right Now

In fact, sometimes saving is easy, and you can develop habits that will help you conserve money without even thinking about it.

  1. Build “no spend” days into your week. See if you can go one entire day without spending any money. Bring your own lunch to work, skip the coffee shop, and stay home in the evening with a book or television show. You can start with one “no spend” day per week and then add another day if your efforts are successful.
  2. Use coupons. Coupons have value if you use them for things that you would normally buy anyway (such as food or gas). Set a goal to save a certain amount with coupons when you shop. This will help you get in the habit of trying to save on regular expenses.
  3. Buy generic. Large stores often have their own generic brands. For things like food or shampoo, you can read the list of ingredients to see if the generic brand is the same as a name brand. If they are the same, they you can save money without sacrificing quality.
  4. Hang your clothes to dry. A clothes dryer is one of the most energy-hungry appliances in your house. If you think your energy costs are high, you can skip drying your clothes and instead hang them up where they will dry for free.
  5. Grow your own herbs. You may not have time to tend a full garden, but you could save money by growing herbs or greens. These plants often require little maintenance, and they may even grow inside during the wintertime if they are placed in a sunny area near a window and adequately watered.
  6. Skip the beverage when you eat out. You do not want to give up all your entertainment in your efforts to save money. Taking an occasional trip to the restaurant is fine. You can make your night out cheaper by skipping the beverage and instead just ordering water. One alcoholic beverage or soft drink could cost as much as an entire bottle of wine or six pack of beer. Save your drinking for home and you will save money when you go out.
  7. Get your entertainment from membership sites. This is another option for people who want to save without giving up entertainment. Instead of going to the cinema, subscribe to a movie streaming service. For one monthly fee, you will get access to a lot of movies. You could even invite friends over to watch with you for a cheap “night in.”
  8. Buy only what you will use. Sometimes, you can save by buying larger quantities. While a two-for-the-price-of-one deal might sound good, it will not actually save money if you do not use all of what you get. Getting an extra milk, for example, is useless if it goes sour before you use it up.
  9. Have a plan for borrowing. Sometimes, borrowing is necessary. You can try to save to avoid it, but it is good to have a plan “just in case.” Perhaps you could research online personal loans. These loans are easy to get, and approval takes a few hours and does not require a complete credit check. If you are familiar with the online personal loan process, then it will not be a big issue when you find that you need to borrow money.