How to save without cutting everything

March 27, 2017
Money is scarce, and sometimes you have to tighten your belt more than you may like. However, to live a decent life and accumulate some savings, it is not necessary to deprive yourself of everything.
How to save without cutting everything

Simply exercise some creativity and caution. If you want to save money everywhere possible without having to live like a hermit, here are a few simple and effective tricks.

Save on groceries

  • Buy food in large quantities (family or super-size). These sizes are usually cheaper (in terms of price per kilogram) than regular sizes. If you do not need so much food immediately, make a good reserve in the freezer. Do not buy way too much, however, as discounts are repeated on a cycle.
  • Build your menu based on the discounts. Check websites and flyers to use coupons when you plan out your meals. For example, if ham is on sale this week, add it to your menu and find some ham recipes. If you have room in your freezer, put any extra ham there.

Save on child expenses

  • Baby items are diverse and expensive. Strollers, car seats, and cradles can all cost several hundred dollars. Consider purchasing at least some of these items at second-hand stores, garage sales, etc. When you do this, however, make sure the items are safe for your kids (beware of bedbugs!).
  • Snacks in small packages specially marketed for kids may seem attractive, but they contain much of the same food as marketed for adults, only at a higher price.
  • Another great skill is to learn to say no. The children may be salivating in front of the new Xbox or Star Wars Lego set, but not giving in will make the holidays and family outings more rewarding and memorable in the long run.

Manage money better

  • A good coffee can make all the difference in the morning. Why not make it at home or at the office instead of getting one from the local coffee place? $2 or more for coffee every morning is a cost that will be felt at the end of the week. Try to limit yourself to one bought coffee a week. You will feel the difference in your wallet.
  • Another good way to save some cash is to stop spending a particular type of bill (the $5, for example). Save all of these bills and see the difference at the end of the month. Change the bills as needed.

In more specific cases, why not consult the financial advisor or institution of your choice? Their advice, adapted to your situation, will help you find solutions for saving without major changes to your lifestyle.