How to Save on Gas

May 01, 2019
With the price of gas constantly going up, everybody is looking for ways to save on gas. Here are a few tips that can help you save in the long run.
How to Save on Gas

Limit Your Driving

When you don’t have to go far, walk or ride your bike instead. Make your errands in one trip to avoid returning to the store several times in the week.

Shop Around for Prices

Don’t wait for your tank to be empty to fill up. Once the gas sensor lights up, you stop at the nearest gas station, no matter their price. Prices vary from one town to the next. Filling up before your tank is empty gives you the opportunity to shop around. If you live close to the U.S. border, gas prices are a lot cheaper in the States. If you don’t want to cross to the U.S., gas prices are still cheaper in towns close to the border. Avoid gas stations near the highway, as they are usually more expensive.

Don’t Let the Engine Run for Nothing

Modern cars do not need as much time as older models to warm up in winter. One minute is plenty to warm up the engine and you don’t waste fuel. When waiting in the car for your spouse or waiting at a train crossing, turn off your engine.

Go for Slow and Steady

Accelerating quickly and driving fast increases fuel consumption. Respect the speed limit and drive smoothly to use gas more efficiently.

Remove Wind Resistance Factors

Any wind resistance increases drag and reflects on your fuel consumption. Close your windows and remove any car racks.

Have the Engine Tuned

A well-tuned car engine consumes less gas. Schedule tune-ups with your mechanic when they are required. Engine tune-ups can cost up to a few hundred dollars. If you don’t have the money for it, think about getting an online loan to help out. Remember that doing proper maintenance on your car increases its efficiency.

Check Your Tires

Under-inflated tires waste gas and wear out faster. Regularly check the air pressure in your tires to make sure they are properly inflated. You will get better gas mileage.

Limit the A/C Use

Air conditioning drinks up your gas faster than you can fill it. As much as you can, don’t use it. Get into the habit of parking in the shade and leaving your windows down a crack.

Change Your Filters

Change your filters regularly. Clean filters make your car more fuel efficient.

Drive a Manual Car

Manual cars are more fuel efficient than automatic cars. Shift in neutral when the car is standing still or while going down a slope. Shifting up early and shifting down late also helps to save on fuel.

Reduce the Weight

If you’re in the habit of carrying your tools, half of your apartment and other heavy things in your car, empty it. For every 250 extra pounds that you carry, you eat up an extra mile per gallon on gas.

Drive Smartly

The bottom line to save money on gas is to drive smartly and keep your car in good shape. It’s the little things that make a big difference in the end.

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