How to Get Furniture With No Money

March 05, 2019
You finally have your own apartment. You could not be happier. Home, sweet home. There’s only one small problem: you have no furniture. You would like to buy some, but once the rent and bills are paid, there is not much left. What can you do? How can you get some furniture when you have no money?
How to Get Furniture With No Money

Recycling Centres

Go to your local recycling centre. They usually have a furniture section where people drop their old furniture and others that need them can pick them up.


Take a look on and similar websites. People often need to get rid of furniture and either give them away or sell them at ridiculous prices.

Furniture Banks

Furniture Banks can be found across Canada. They are non-profit organizations that take donated, gently used furniture, and transfer them to people in need, either for free or at little cost. Victims of fires, natural disasters and robberies, battered women, individuals with disabilities and immigrants are just a few of those helped by furniture banks. Community agencies make sure that the furniture is available to those in need. If you think you are eligible to receive furniture from furniture banks, get in touch with your local social services.

Ask Friends and Family

Ask friends and family members if they have any old furniture they want to get rid of. Tell them of your predicament. They will be more than happy to help out if they can. You might be surprised at how many items you can pick up this way.

Second-Hand Stores

Some second-hand stores sell furniture at very low prices. It is well worth your time to go and take a look.

Liquidation Centres and Clearance Sales

Shop at liquidation centres and look for clearance sales. You can find furniture at highly discounted prices.

Look for Financing

Most furniture stores offer financing. Some even offer zero interest for a certain amount of time.

You can also get a loan, credit card or line of credit from your financial institution.

If you have bad credit and there are no other options, an online loan will help you out. The interest rate is high, but the payments are spread out over three to four months.

Focus on What Is Important

Hard times can hit anyone at any time. The important thing is to stay focused on what is important: your family is safe and you have a roof over your heads. Furniture is nice to have, but even if you have to do without for a while, you’ll manage. With time, you will furnish your apartment. You will then appreciate your furniture even more since you will have worked so hard to get them.