How To Exercise Without Spending Money

November 28, 2018
Exercise is good for everyone. It is good for the muscles and bones, helps with weight loss, increases energy levels and helps reduce stress, among other things. Everybody should exercise to live a healthier, happier life, but a gym membership can be so expensive when you are on a tight budget. What can you do? Here are a few ideas to get you started.
How To Exercise Without Spending Money


Walking or jogging is probably the cheapest form of exercise out there. Put on your sneakers and go outside. Is it too cold or raining? Either dress accordingly or drive to the nearest shopping center and walk indoors.

Ride Your Bicycle

If you already own a bike, drive it to work instead of taking your car. You will save on gas and exercise at the same time. If you do not have a bicycle, talk to family and friends. Many people have bikes taking up space in the garage that they do not use. They might be willing to part from them at a meagre price. If not, go to yard sales and on websites like Kijiji. You might find a good deal.


Swimming is another excellent way to exercise. If you live near a lake or a river, take advantage of it. If not, look for public swimming pools in your town. Some high schools and universities also give access to their swimming pools at a very reasonable price.


In winter, skating is not expensive. Go to an outdoor skating rink. You can also organize a hockey game with some friends.

Organize Sport Activities

Organize an afternoon of soccer or volleyball with friends. It can even become a weekly event. Go to parks or the beach for free access to the grounds, or check with your local schools to rent part of the gym at a low price.


Have a party! Dancing is fun and great exercise. Put on some music and dance, or get a bunch of friends together to have even more fun. You will burn calories without even knowing it.

Workout Videos

Get these old workout videos out of the closet and workout. They might look outdated, but the exercises are still good.

Online Programs

For those who want a more serious exercise program, there are some available online at a much lower cost than a gym subscription, although they can still seem expensive to someone on a tight budget. An online personal loan can help you pay the subscription, and you can repay the loan within three to four months.

Gym Promotions

Some gyms have regular promotions that can allow you to subscribe at a fraction of the price. As for the online programs, an online personal loan will help you pay the subscription. Some gyms also have monthly or bi-monthly payment plans that can make payments easier to manage. 

Whichever type of exercise you prefer, you simply need to get creative and get moving!