How to Budget for Your Wedding

February 26, 2019
So, this is it. You are getting married! You could not be happier. Now comes the preparations; you start shopping around and realize everything is so expensive, and you ask yourself how you will ever fit a wedding in your budget. Some get a loan to cover the expenses, and if that solution suits you, go ahead. Sometimes just a small online loan can help round up the budget. Others do not want to start their married life with debts. There are many ways you can cut expenses on a wedding, and have it fit your budget. Here are a few examples.
How to Budget for Your Wedding

Keep It Simple

Your love is not measured by the price tag on your wedding. While there is nothing wrong with big extravagant weddings, all the extras can outshine the happy couple. On the other hand, a simple wedding tends to focus on what is important: the union of two people in love, surrounded by the people close to them. Some choose to have a small wedding with few guests, but you can still keep it simple with many guests.


Remember that you will receive gifts, some in cash. It will help out with the wedding expenses.


Flowers are expensive. One way to get around paying for flowers is to use wildflowers or flowers from a friend’s garden and do your bouquet and centrepieces. If you absolutely want a professionally made bouquet, keep it to the strict minimum, like the bouquets and boutonnieres, and do the rest of your flower arrangements yourself.


Some couples get married in the afternoon, then have dinner with guests. While it is a nice gesture towards the guests, the meal can quickly become the most expensive part of the wedding. Asking your guests to pay for their food would be impolite, and a breach of etiquette. Here are two suggestions to help you get around the problem.

Keep the number of guests you invite to the meal to a strict minimum. On your invitations, invite your guests to the ceremony, and the reception later in the evening. Put an add-on in the invitation envelopes with an RSVP card for those you invite to the meal.

Another option is to get married after supper. Your guests come to the ceremony, then go directly to the reception, where you can have a candy buffet and treats available for them.


Same as for the flowers, it is a lot less expensive when you do it yourself. Use garden flowers and go to Dollar Stores for centrepieces. Be creative. You can do wonders with a length of tulle and a string of white Christmas lights. Just keep it simple and elegant.

Focus on What Is Important

Talk with your future spouse about what is most important for both of you on your wedding day. Once you know what you cannot go without, put your money there essentially, and cut expenses on the rest.

The examples given here are just a few among many. There are so many more ways to cut on wedding expenses. Use your imagination, think outside the box, enroll the help of friends. The important thing is for you and your spouse to be happy, and for your special day to be filled with love and joy.