Habits to help you save more of your paycheck

April 26, 2017
It is a common desire: you want to save a bigger portion of your paycheck each month.
Habits to help you save more of your paycheck

Bills, debts and necessities can make this seem like a difficult goal to achieve. How can you escape the cycle of living paycheck-to-paycheck when you are faced with so many expenses?

Building a savings starts with developing good financial habits. Luckily, many of these habits are quite simple. You do not have to learn to trade the stock market or anything like that if you want to start building wealth. You only need to be more careful with your money…

Here are four habits that can help you save more of your paycheck each month.

Find cheaper options whenever possible

You do not have to opt for a diet of instant noodles and canned soups to save money on food. It is easy to save a few cents per item when you shop by buying generic brands instead of name brands. Also, you can make your coffee and your lunch at home instead of buying them at a cafe or restaurant. 

Audit your monthly bills

Which subscription services do you really need? And which services do you use infrequently (or not at all)? For those monthly charges that you think are necessary, are there cheaper options that you could switch to?

Even if you are not able to trim much from your monthly bills, you can add the total to the savings from your frugal shopping and homemade lunches. When you put these two amounts together, your savings might start to seem a little bit more significant. Also, remember that this is not a one time proposition. You will be saving this same amount month after month. 


With sites like Pinterest and YouTube, do-it-yourself projects are not as confusing as they once were. From homemade beauty treatments to basic repair jobs, you can easily find step-by-step instructions online. This means that  you can perform tasks that you would otherwise have to hire someone to do and make substitutes for products that you would otherwise have to buy.

Every time you can do it yourself, you are saving money that would otherwise be spent.

Delayed gratification

You do not have to forego every luxury. What you can do is adopt a mindset that will help you get more joy out of your extra spending. Set aside a fraction of your newly saved money each month to treat yourself to something that you want. Maybe the “treat” is a coffee and donut or a month of movie streaming service or a bottle of wine. Whatever it is, the fact that you are looking forward to it and have put money aside for it will make it more gratifying when you finally get to enjoy it.

How to handle unforeseen expenses

Unforeseen expenses will always pop up at the most inopportune times. One way to deal with these without dipping into your hard-earned savings is to get an online personal loan. These loans can help you cover extra costs until you get your next paycheck. All that is required is a paystub and bank statement.

Once you have paid off this loan, you can go back to the habits that will help you save more of your paycheck each month.