Get Ready for Moving Day

May 15, 2019
In less than two months, the moving frenzy will start. If you’re one of the lucky ones, you’ll have early access to your new home and can move before July first, avoiding the frenzy and price increase.
Get Ready for Moving Day

Whenever your moving date, here are a few tips to make your life easier on that big day.

Gather Boxes Early

Start gathering your boxes early on. You don’t want to run around for boxes a week before moving. Some stores and plants have containers where they put empty boxes to recycle. Ask permission to take some. You can also ask friends and family members if there are boxes at their workplace that they could pick up for you.

Book the Truck Early

Make sure to book the moving truck early, especially if you’re moving on July first. A few months in advance is the best if you want to be sure to have a truck available. Some companies charge a flat fee, while others charge a lower rate, then add an amount per kilometre. Calculate which option is the cheapest in your case. If you need a cash advance to rent the truck, consider getting an online loan.

Pack in Advance

Start packing at least a month before moving day. Pack anything that is not necessary for your day-to-day life. Make sure you identify each box clearly and write on it in which room it goes. The week of the move, pack all your dishes except the strict necessary to get through the week.

Packing Tips

Don’t pack your clothes in boxes. Leave your clothes in their drawers and simply take the drawers out. They’re easy to move, and you avoid the hassle of packing everything.

Spread a sheet or blanket on the bed. Take your clothes out of the closet, leaving them on their hangers. Make a pile on the sheet or blanket, then tie the four corners together to make a bundle. Make as many bundles as you need, then put them on top of your furniture in the moving truck.

Instead of packing dishes in newspapers, use Scott towels and dishcloths. You won’t have to wash your dishes, and you can reuse the paper towels.

Before Moving Day

Do you have access to your new house or apartment before moving day? If so and you have some painting to do, do it before you move. You might not save money, but you will save time. It is much faster to paint an empty room than a full one.

If your new place isn’t too far away, move as many boxes as you can before moving day. Once again, you’ll save time on moving day because only the furniture will be left.

On Moving Day

A month or so before, ask a few friends to help you move. On moving day, either you, or someone you live with, should stand at the door of your new place to tell people where to put the furniture and boxes. It avoids confusion and saves time. Once the move is done, get beer and pizza for everyone. It’s an excellent way to thank your friends, and a great start to your life in your new place.

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