Fun Hobbies To Have On A Budget

January 10, 2019
The word “budget” is looked upon as being ominous and oppressive. To live on a budget means to live a bland, boring life. Is that the case? Here is a list of fun hobbies to do which cost next to nothing. You will view budgeting in a new way.
Fun Hobbies To Have On A Budget


Stargazing is probably the oldest hobby in the history of humanity. Go outside on a clear night and look up. There are free apps that help you identify what you are looking at. Do some research online or at the library on celestial phenomena, stars and planets. Get a group of friends together to watch meteor showers.


Start a journal or write a blog. Do you have a creative streak? Try your hand at writing a novel or short stories. Who knows? You might even get published someday.

Rock Collecting

Rock collecting is not just for kids. It can be fun at all ages. Pick up weird and unique stones. Go online or look in books and try to identify them. Invest in a rock tumbler; by polishing your stones, you will uncover their true colours and details. You can even make jewellery out of them. If you need a cash advance for the tumbler, try getting an online personal loan. You can borrow a small amount and repay it within three to four months.

Walking And Hiking

Walking and hiking have the extra benefit that it is good exercise. Add a new twist to it by geocaching at the same time. Your walk suddenly has a purpose, and you are treasure hunting as well.


Watch do-it-yourself videos on the internet and try them out. From how to give a second life to old T-shirts to how to build a bed with pallets, you will have fun, will add to your wardrobe or your household, and will learn new skills at the same time.


With cell phones, everybody is walking around with a camera in his or her pocket. Why not put it to good use? Learn to notice picture-worthy landscapes and occasions. When hiking or travelling, take the time to stop, look and capture the moment.


Not everybody has the talent to draw, but it is an art that has many forms. From the traditional drawing to the abstract painting, find what fits you best and have fun. Go for manga-style or realistic; it can even be matchstick figures, as long as you enjoy yourself.


Reading is probably the cheapest hobby ever. Go to the library, it is free, and there is a panoply of books of all styles and on all subjects. You are bound to find something to your liking. Novels are not your thing, but you like comic books? There is no age limit for any type of book. Take advantage of this great institution that is the library. Not only do you get access to free books, but there are also free movies, video games and board games.

Living on a budget does not have to be boring. There are tons of fun hobbies and activities to do that cost very little, and only a few are mentioned here. Just use your imagination, and you will never be out of fun ideas.