Eat Out for Cheap

June 26, 2019
Whether it be to spend good moments with friends or to take a break from a heavy work week, most people love eating out. But restaurants can be so expensive.
Eat Out for Cheap

If you are on a tight budget, does this mean that you have to forgo eating out altogether? Absolutely not. Here are six great tips to help you see that it is indeed possible to have your cake and eat it too:

Early (or Late) Bird Specials

To eat out for cheaper, try going to the restaurant at times when meals tend to be less expensive. For example, rather than heading to the restaurant for dinner, opt for breakfast or lunch.

Also, some restaurants offer great specials when you visit them at “off” times, that is before or after a specific hour. Not only are the meals at those moments less expensive, but many business owners will go so far as to add extras, to entice customers, to ensure that their restaurant is full even at less popular hours.

Use Coupons

Take advantage of restaurant coupons that you might find in flyers or that you’ll get by mail. You can also search for rebates on the internet. Look for websites that regroup restaurants offering lower prices to attract new customers, and use social media to follow your favorite restaurants and be on the lookout for any deals they have to offer.

Loyalty Cards

Many restaurants now offer loyalty cards. This means that after you’ve been there for a certain number of times, you get a rebate or a special offer. These cards are usually free. All you have to do is ask for them.

Bring Your Alcohol

According to sommelier Mark Oldman, in his book, as cited by Business Insider, March 9th, 2017 issue, restaurants will mark up bottles of wine at least 200%, but they can go by as much as 400%. Seeing as the price for wine in restaurants is so steep, why not look for a bring-your-own-wine restaurant?  This way, you will greatly reduce the price of your tab.

Get 2 For the Price of 1

The portions served in restaurants are often way too hefty, both for our appetite and for our health. So why not eat only half of what is on your plate and ask for a doggie bag for the remainder. Eat the second half of your restaurant meal as a leftover the next day and you’ll be saving one meal’s worth of money on your groceries. 

Pay for Only Half Your Meal

That’s right. Order just one meal for two people and ask for an extra plate. Some restaurants might charge a small fee for this, but you’ll be splitting the bill in two and end up paying half of what you would normally pay, without having that achy overstuffed feeling that goes along with it.

And there you have it — seven tips to help you be restaurant-savvy to help you eat out even when money is tight. Now you can go ahead and have that night out with friends, and you can do so without feeling an ounce of guilt. You can afford it.

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