Celebrating a special occasion when you earn a low income

July 10, 2017
Special occasions are an important part of life. This is why most people spend a lot of money to mark a wedding, graduation, birthday, wedding anniversary or other momentous event. Yes, celebrating is fun, but it can also be expensive. Even if you do not have to rent a venue or hire a limousine, there will be the cost of food and beverages and perhaps gifts or miscellaneous expenses.
Celebrating a special occasion when you earn a low income

Even something as simple as going to a restaurant with the entire family can seem quite costly if you are living on a limited salary.

Here are some tips to help you celebrate a special occasion without ruining your budget.

Make a checklist and find cheaper alternatives

One thing you can do is make a list of everything that you would like to do for the party or event. Once you have done this, you can simply go down the list and see if you can find cheaper alternatives for each entry. For example, you could save money on food by buying generic brands or perhaps even making some items from scratch yourself instead of buying them or ordering them. You can also audit this list and decide if the items on it are really necessary for the enjoyment of the people who will be celebrating.

Choose where to spend your money

Perhaps the person celebrating their birthday likes a certain dish at a certain restaurant. Rather than taking everyone to that restaurant, you can order the favorite dish to take home. You can then make other complementary foods yourself or buy more inexpensive options from a supermarket instead of a restaurant. In this way, you can give the birthday person a special treat without overspending.

Buy an experiential gift or a subscription

It can be tough to save money on gifts. You do not want to seem cheap, but at the same time, if you are on a tight budget, you cannot buy something too expensive. One option is to get an experiential gift: a cooking class, a wine tasting event, museum passes, a tour. A related idea is to get a subscription service that the person can enjoy for an entire year.

Get a little extra help if you need it

You can certainly take the aforementioned steps, but you still may come up short. If you need a little bit more money to make an occasion truly special, then consider an online personal loan. These loans are the ideal way to add a little bit of extra money to your celebration budget. Because these loans do not require a complete credit check, you can be approved quickly. The money can be deposited into your account in a matter of hours, so you can use it if you need to make some last minute purchases.