Can Money Buy Happiness?

November 22, 2018
While some people might say that yes, money can buy happiness, or something close to it, others will say that money does not factor into a persons’ happiness. Which is the right school of thinking? Moreover, if money does buy happiness, does that mean that someone with no or little money cannot be happy? Here are a few things to consider.
Can Money Buy Happiness?

What Money Can Give You

Money can give you a certain sense of security. When you have money, you are not stressed about making ends meet and the simple necessities of life like eating and paying the bills and rent.

Money can give you more free time. You can pay someone to clean your house or mow the lawn instead of doing it yourself, which will provide you with more time to do things that you like.

Money can give you access to certain luxuries that people on a budget will not have, like having a boat, playing golf and skiing among other things.

What Money Cannot Give You

Although money can make our lives easier in some ways, there are some things it cannot give you.

Money cannot give you true friends. Some people are friends with rich people because of their money. At least, when you have no money, you know for sure that your friends like you for who you are and not what you have.

Money cannot buy you health. You can get better treatments and care when you have money, but overall, your good health does not depend on that. A person with no money will walk to work because he or she cannot afford a car and as a result will be in better shape than the person driving to work every day. Our general health is about genetics and our lifestyle, not about our bank accounts.

Money cannot give you peace of mind. Usually, when someone has money, they want more, which brings on more debt, and what they have, they are afraid to lose. The stress incurred by those worries can eventually bring on health problems. Of course, the fear of not making ends meet brings on concerns with similar consequences, which brings us to our next point.

Be Happy With What You Have

Whether you have money or not, the golden rule is to be happy with what you have. If you do not worry about making ends meet, appreciate it. Keep in mind that the race for material belongings is not what brings happiness.

If you are living on a budget, the same rule applies. Appreciate what you have and find happiness in what truly matters, like health, love, family and true friends.

Easier said than done when your car breaks down and you need it to go to work. In extreme cases like that, of course, money can help out. It is the reason why online personal loans exist; to give you a hand in situations like this. Easy to get and easy to repay, they are the perfect solution when you have bad credit, and your options are limited.

All things said, finding happiness in the little things in life is the best policy to live a happy, plentiful and satisfying life.

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