Budget for Your Next Vacation

April 11, 2019
Everybody needs some time off, to get away and leave their worries behind. Being on a tight budget can make going away more difficult, but not impossible. Here are a few tips to help you budget for your next vacation.
Budget for Your Next Vacation

Plan Ahead

Planning a trip ahead of time gives you the chance to shop for the less expensive travel destinations and activities. A well-planned trip helps you save time and money. It also gives you enough time to save up the money you need.


Make a budget to save up for your trip. Choose a budget type appropriate for your situation. Each payday, put a certain amount aside for your trip.

Last Minute Deals

If you’re available to leave on the fly, you can get very good last-minute deals. An online loan can give you a hand if you didn’t have time to save up for the trip. Online brokers deposit the money in your account before the end of the day, so you have the funds necessary to book your flight.

Travel Off-Season

Prices drop during the off-season. If you can plan your vacation for that period, you will benefit from many discounted prices.

Low Living Cost

When choosing your travel destination, opt for one with a low living cost. Once over there, you’ll save a lot.

Living accommodations

Instead of renting a hotel room, which can be expensive especially if you plan on staying for a while, look for alternatives.

With Airbnb.ca, you can book a room, apartment or entire house for the fraction of what you would pay at a hotel. Having access to a kitchen, you’ll be able to cook your meals and save on restaurants.

House sitting is becoming all the rage. Websites like trustedhousesitters.com match home and pet owners with people willing to house and pet sit in exchange for free living accommodations. You can house sit on the other side of the world if you like. It’s a good opportunity to explore new places for next to nothing.

If you like to explore during the day and just need a place to sleep at night, a simple camping site is inexpensive and will suit your needs. 

Free Activities

When planning your trip, look up the attractions and what you can do in the area. Are there free activities, places to see, festivals to go to? You can do much without spending a penny.


Instead of renting a car, take the bus, walk or ride a bike. You’ll immerse yourself in the local culture and save at the same time.

Travel With Friends

Travelling with friends cuts the costs down. When travelling by car, you share the gas bill. When renting a room, you split the bill. Just make sure the friends who accompany you have the same vision of travelling as you do, so no one will be disappointed.

Pack Your Bags

So pack your bags and get ready! With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to plan your next trip and still stay on budget.