Best government programs for low income Canadians

April 17, 2017
Each province in Canada has several different programs that aid low and middle-income citizens. The government in Ottawa operates similar programs on a national level as well. Many of these are meant to help a certain group - such as families, the elderly or students - while the goal of others is to make life easier for anyone who is struggling financially.

Three of the best examples of these financial benefit programs are the Old Age Security (OAS) pension, Child Benefit Programs, and Canada Student Grant for Students from Low-Income Families.

Specific examples of government programs

The OAS is a monthly payment for Canadians age 65 or older. It is usually explained as a government pension. An additional non-taxable Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) is available to low-income retirees who need more financial aid than the standard OAS provides.

The Ontario Child Benefit program provides financial support to low and moderate income families in the province. It is meant to help with the cost of raising a child and is available to families with both working and unemployed parents. Other provinces also have programs that offer financial support for families with children.

The Canada Grant for Students from Low-Income Families is meant to provide financial aid for students while they are studying at a university. This is a grant, not a loan, so the student will not have to repay it after they graduate.

Simple ways to keep more money in your pocket

The Working Income Tax Benefit is a tax credit for low income workers. It serves to both lower the taxes for people who are currently employed and to encourage unemployed people to enter the workforce. This credit is available to both individuals and families. Currently, the government allows people to apply for advanced payments for this benefit so that they can get the credit before they file their taxes for the year.

Another tax-related program, the Ontario Sales Tax Credit, can also put extra money in the pockets of low and middle-income Canadians during tax time. It does so by reimbursing them for some of the sales taxes that they paid when they made purchases during the year.

A quicker way to put money in your pocket

These government programs, and others like them, offer financial aid to low and middle income Canadians. If you need cash quickly, an online personal loan could provide the funds that you need without a lengthy application process.

Approval for online loans often takes an hour or less, and all that is required is the ability to pay for the funds. You can prove that you are able to pay off the loan with a copy of your latest pay stub and your most recent bank statement.



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